Friday, March 23, 2012

Animals by continent 8 - North Pole, South and Antarctica

This is a series of 8 posts of which this post is the eighth part:
part 1 - North America
part 2 - South America
part 3 - Pacific and Atlantic Oceans
part 4 - Europe
part 5 - Asia
part 6 - Africa
part 7 - Australia

8. North Pole, South Pole And Antarctica:

1. (Zorro?)
2. Arctic Fox
3. Lemming
4. Penguin
5. Arctic Seal
6. Musk Ox
7. Polar Bear

Their animal atlas was indeed very cute. I will be posting information on particular animals in the coming days. The famous as well as endemic and not as popular animals are all covered very well. Concluding this series of lists from the animal atlas of the old


  1. Excellent summary. It's a pity that this website is extinct.

  2. @R Gopu Thanks for appreciating, but this blog is very much existing, not extinct. I will post more soon.


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