Thursday, March 22, 2012

Animals by continent 7 - Australia

This is a series of 8 posts of which this post is the seventh part:
part 1 - North America
part 2 - South America
part 3 - Pacific and Atlantic Oceans
part 4 - Europe
part 5 - Asia
part 6 - Africa
part 8 - North Pole, South Pole

7. Australia:

1. Platypus
2. Kangaroo Rat
3. Kangaroo
4. Koala Bear
5. Wombat
6. Dingo Dog
7. Emu
8. Crocodile
9. Tasmanian Devil

Next I will be posting the list of animals from the poles, the last one in this series. Stay tuned!


  1. Thanks for the maps, I would have loved the americanzoo site, too. By the way, it's a Wombat, not Numbat, and a Dingo, not Bingo Dog. Thanks for putting the site together, though. Appreciate it. :)

    1. Iam glad you liked the post, thanks for commenting and also correcting! I have made the corrections now.


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