Sunday, March 11, 2012

Animals by continent 1 - North America

Some years back there used to be a site called with interesting animal information but has now become a free domain. Unfortunately this site is deleted. One of the best parts of the site is an animal atlas with animal information and cute cartoon pictures of animals of each continent on an outline of the continent. It shows many endemic and common species of all continents. Uploading the pictures and animal lists here (guessed by me). Pictures are courtesy of old In the list I've also mentioned other animals also included in a page dedicated to a certain animal. Such items of the list can be seen with a '+' between 2 or more animals.

This is a series of 8 posts of which this post is the first part:
part 2 - South America
part 3 - Pacific and Atlantic Oceans
part 4 - Europe
part 5 - Asia
part 6 - Africa
part 7 - Australia
part 8 - North Pole, South Pole

Here are the pictures and lists of North America:

1. North America:

A. Wild:

1. Antelope
2. Great Bear
3. Bald Eagle
4. Badger
5. Frog
6. Mink
7. Bison
8. Cougar
9. Wolf
10. Alligator
11. Rattlesnake

B. Barnyard:

1. Owl
2. Horse
3. Cow
4. Goat
5. Dog
6. Cat
7. Duck
8. Pig
9. Hen
10. Goose
11. Sheep

I will be uploading the lists and pics of other continents soon. 

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